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June Rosenthal Premier Realtor, owner of Juner Properties, and Stamford's Citizen of the Year 2008.

June has a passion for turquoise, the Southwest and Native American art and culture.  It all ties together in the history of Little Red School House in the late 1930s with the two very talented artists, W. Langston Kiln and John Ten Eyck created the Kiln-Ten Eyck Art School which now houses Juner Properties.  

June Rosenthal
June Rosenthal

Stamford's Little Red School House

The original Roxbury School still stands at the intersection of Long Ridge, Roxbury, and Stillwater Roads and is the home of Juner Properties. It was a one-room, one-teacher school with grades one through eight. It was built in the early 1800's by Samuel E. Finch, the owner of the surrounding farmland. The entire area used to be called "Finch's Corner." It closed around 1915 as a grade school, later on it was used as location spot for the film "The Little Red School" a drama on school life. Then in the late 20s it opened as the Kiln-Ten Ecyk Art School. . . .

Stamford's Little Red School House
1929 article by Florence Little

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